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Fast And Easy Resume Analysis With Supertalents AI

Supertalents AI analyzes candidates’ resumes and quickly evaluates the relevancy based on hard information.

Tailored Talent Search To Customized Key Traits You Care About

You can share specific traits you care about, like patience, teamwork, communication, and we will find those signals from the candidates’ resumes, LinkedIn, SNS, and more.

Video Resumes & Interviews To Save Your Time 10x

You can check how candidates talk via video resumes.  You can also ask questions asynchronously so that you have a complete understanding of the candidates even before the interview. (Coming Soon)

Boosting Restaurant Success With The Best Server Reward

We help our partner restaurants succeed by running "Best Server Competitions," where servers who receive the most recognition from their customers will win rewards. Motivated servers will provide the best service, customers will be happier, and our partners will make fortunes.Interested?  Contact hello@bobidi.com (Coming Soon)

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