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Employee Communication At Another Level
Instantly reach your entire team
Easy access to crucial information
Boost engagement with dynamic Q&A
Are you opening a restaurant soon?
Get your employees ready to rock from Day 1
Looking to improve
your staff performance?
Unify your team’s communication and boost engagement
Visible Announcement and Reminder
Share Updates
Share company news, reminders, and important updates with everyone or with specific teams.
Track Announcement
See who has read your important announcement and ensure that you reach 100% of your staff.
Attach Images
Take pictures of the memos on the wall and send them to your staff to verify who has actually read them.
Send Reminders
With a single tap on the 'Nudge' button, remind those who haven't read the important announcement.
Boost Engagement
Engage closely with your team and enhance their sense of accountability.
Q&A Community
to Boost
Staff Capacity
Q&A Session
Let employees ask any questions and get immediate answers from the internal community.
Shift Cover
Help employees easily trade shifts and exchange helps.
Gamified Q&A
Boost the engagement by gamifying Q&A.
Foster Positive Culture
Helping each other through Q&A fosters a supportive relationship.
Empower Team
Helping others enhances employees' sense of empowerment and confidence.
FREE for limited number of restaurants!
For the first six months
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“We are doing this because we look up to ‘the warriors’ working in the hospitality industry, relentlessly working to provide those experiences people rave to their friends about over and over again.”
We’re looking for people who are really serious about building a great team.
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How it Works

(Once you are selected)

Step 1

Use the unique code you received to create an exclusive space for your restaurant in the app.

Step 2

Have your team download the app using the code we sent to your email.

Step 3

You're all set to elevate your employees to the next level!

What More Could Be Done With Super Talents AI
Let employees learn from each other
Dramatically boost the knowledge sharing by letting employees easily exchange their know-hows.
Foster encouraging and positive culture
Encourage people to give kudos to each other and boost employee morale to new heights!
Run Restaurant Bug Bounty
Enable your employees to report issues in real time, keeping your restaurant well-maintained and tidy.
Monitor via dashboard
Understand your staff's engagement and have constructive conversations backed by real data.
Let them have fun
Having fun with colleagues is essential for high performance.

Consistent training

Don’t let employees consume information from a “firehose”. We help them learn and develop just in time with bite sized information.

Improved Employee Performance

Gamification activates the brain’s reward system by providing rewards like points, badges, or levels for task completion. Progress tracking through bars or levels shows advancement and motivates goal achievement. It also fosters collaboration, social interaction, and mentorship.

Reduced Employee Turnover

Increase employee retention by providing opportunities for employees to learn and apply new skills. Employees who feel confident in their abilities are more satisfied, leading to greater workplace engagement and loyalty.

Understand Exactly Where Your Money is Leaking

High employee turnover and less motivated teams are very expensive. (Employee turnover costs $2K ~ $6K per person for hourly workers and $10K+ for managers)

One of the biggest reasons is poor onboarding and training.  Make your training work and stop losing money.

$29 /month/location
Instant, targeted announcements to individuals or groups
Real-time read receipts for accountability
Employee-run bug bounty to spot issues in the restaurant
Employee community to trade shifts
Employee community to teach each other
Employee community to give kudos to each other
$49 /month/location
Everything for Engagement
Streamline learning with bite-sized, interactive content powered by AI
Easily distribute relevant cards to specific teams
Perfect for quick updates on new menu items
$99 /month/location
Everything for Training
SuperTalents AI creates custom, engaging training programs
Gamification boosts staff motivation and retention  
Effortless progress tracking and performance insights
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As already mentioned...
Engagement is FREE for limited number of restaurants!
For the first six months
No credit card needed
We’re reviewing application every week for limited
number of spots for
free pass!
Apply in 1 min for Early Adopter Benefits!
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about building a great team!
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