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We are limiting the number of customers so that we can provide the best product optimized for every single one of them with deep DC.

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Understand Exactly Where Your Money is Leaking

High employee turnover and less motivated teams are very expensive. (Employee turnover costs $2K ~ $6K per person for hourly workers and $10K+ for managers)

One of the biggest reasons is poor onboarding and training.  Make your training work and stop losing money.

Consistent training

Don’t let employees consume information from a “firehose”.
We help them learn and develop just in time with bite sized information.

Improved Employee Performance

Gamification activates the brain’s reward system by providing rewards like points, badges, or levels for task completion.Progress tracking through bars or levels shows advancement and motivates goal achievement.It also fosters collaboration, social interaction, and mentorship.

Reduced Employee Turnover

Increase employee retention by providing opportunities for employees to learn and apply new skills. Employees who feel confident in their abilities are more satisfied, leading to greater workplace engagement and loyalty.

How it Works

(Once you are selected)

Step 1

Share your training manuals and menus with us (If you don’t have them, we provide you with samples to start with)

Step 2

Our AI automatically breaks down the materials into bite size information and creates a training program.

Step 3

You are all set to take your employees to the next level!