Hire top talents fast and keep their morale high.

Everybody else is leveraging AI to build the best hospitality team. Why not you?
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Time wasted for hiring is money wasted.
Our AI solution helps you analyze candidates’ resumes just in seconds.
You should spend time talking to the right candidates.
Video prescreening to reduce the hiring time 10X and increases the success rate.
A candidate's video resume.

Let Your AI Assistant Help You Hire Great Talents & Save Your Time.

Stop wasting your time reading through irrelevant resumes and cover letters.  Stop picking wrong candidates for the interview and wasting your day.

Supertalents AI analyzes your candidates and lets you know how relevant they are and who you need to talk to. Just sit back & pick the right ones for you.

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How it works

Step 1

Cards list with images and text

Pick Your job post

Step 2

tags saying '4 years exp.' 'server' 'Italian exp' 'longevity' 'upscale exp' and a 'search' button

Share key traits you are looking for

Step 3

Candidate recommendation with a radar chart. Recommendation says 'James has worked as a server and a host, which is a good indicator of strong collaboration capability."

Check AI-generated candidate recommendation that matches your need!

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No More Time-consuming Candidate Screening.

Let Supertalents AI analyze the relevancy of the candidates in the pool so that you can focus on the top talents only.

No More Guesswork. Understand Candidates Before Interview.

Resumes alone are not sufficient to pinpoint exceptional candidates.  Check the candidate in various angles via videos, PPTs, etc. so that you can have more comprehensive understanding.

No Upfront Payment At All.  Zero Hidden Cost.

Just share your Job Description, and we will bring the best talents to you.  Pay only when you are done with hiring the best one!

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If you’re not running Best Employee Competitions now,
you are losing 20% of revenue opportunity.

graph showing relevance between total sales and the number of menu items sold
We’re releasing and iterating the product for the exclusive list of restaurant partners.  
Join the list and taste the magical moment of smart
candidate filtration that you’ve never experienced before!

According to a study by Gallup, highly engaged workforce can generate 20% more sales.
Get them excited by running best employee competitions
where your team can exchange kudos with each other!
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How it works

Step 1

Create a competition

Step 2

Confirm the winners.

Step 3

Enjoy boosted morale and sales.

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We’re committed to helping the local restaurant community thrive.

Supertalents AI is run by one of the creators of the Meal Forward Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Silicon Valley with 501(c)(3) status, dedicated to providing food assistance to communities.

Meal forward logo

Meal Forward’s mission is to connect communities via healthy meals.  It gives 100% of the fund raised to pay local restaurants so that they can deliver healthy meals to hungry kids.

Children with bags of food

In the three years following its inaugural fundraising event, Meal Forward has distributed over 20,000 meals to various institutions including hospitals, schools, hunger relief programs, a fire station, nursing homes, senior centers, and to children facing food insecurity.

A man receiving a food
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